Friday, April 3, 2009

Wolves in Silvermoon

Character: Nhemai
Server: Sisters of Elune

This week I visited my alts on Sisters of Elune. They consist of a level 16 BE warlock and a level 18 BE hunter. It had been so long since I'd been there that my hunter still had a pink elekk shrinking ray from two Brewfests ago. I don't know a great deal about Sisters of Elune's community, so I traveled around Silvermoon to see what I could find out. I could not have forseen my abduction by The Wolf Pack.

Though not the nWo, they were really like some rough and tumble gang you find in the seedy places of major cities. Other guilds I've found who try this have a hard time pulling it off, but these people managed to be friendly to me but intimidating at the same time. They also rightly treated the taverns and streets of Silvermoon as their personal playground.

I met two of them by accident after walking around for awhile. It was easy to engage these two in some random RP, and we bantered back and forth for a few minutes before another one of them showed up. They lacked all traces of the so common 'super-drama' that many find themselves roleplaying. Instead they were more like a comedy trio, these three guys. Obviously good friends, at least IC.

I joined them for a drink at Wayfarer's Rest, and on the way there it was like Westside Story's Jets or Sharks. More and more of them came out of the woodwork to walk with us on the street to the bar.

There wasn't much snapping or dancing, but the effect was cool. I really hope there is a rival gang for these guys. That would be so much fun. I want to highlight the stylings of one blood elf rogue (I think), named Rishk. His character was shady but hilarious at the same time. I have to give credit to the way he spoke. It was exactly like the jaded raider guys on one of the vents I visit. Usually when someone incorporates swearing into their conversation it sometimes sounds silly. This guy used a lot of profanities but it was completely natural. Would love to run into him and his friends again.

Unfortunately I DC'ed a while into the drinking party and couldn't reconnect. D'oh!

It's always hard when I find great guilds that I want to join, but can't commit to exclusively. Sigh.


  1. I know, rite? Actually I think it's a preview of the new battleground. :P

  2. I've been with them since the beginning and I gotta tell you, these guys are hard to quit. The Pack wouldn't have come to be if it actually weren't for Worren, one of my old guild mates from another guild. After the drama filled guild we were in fell apart he went on his merry way and started the gang. One of the best things to happen for the Horde.






    PS: Thank you again for the compliments!