Monday, April 6, 2009

VeCo is for Fite!

Though I do have many alts on many servers, there is one server that holds a special place in my heart. Though it doesn’t have the most active roleplay or best progression, there is something about this little server that calls me back after long periods of traveling. The Venture Co. server is like the little town where everyone knows each other. Sure, the kids may transfer to the big city for awhile, but something keeps them coming back to the forums, and very often, back to the server. I guess big city life just isn’t as friendly. Or war-torn.

See, the one thing VeCo has in spades is World PvP. Now, how is razing some poor Horde town to the ground conducive to roleplay?? Simple! Because it is like hitting a hornet nest with a stick. Personally, I love war-oriented roleplay. Sure, it’s fun to wander around Silvermoon or Goldshire and have a few drinks, dodge a few lechers, and have a nice conversation here and there.

VeCo offers something more than that. Such as long-standing rivalries between Horde and Alliance RP guilds, who have skirmished each other for years. Planned, wide-scale battles that crash the server. There is great drama that presents itself in a world where you may get killed solely because of your affiliation. Where you have to protect your guild’s base of operations from frequent Horde attacks. Where you have to worry about new alliances your enemies might be making, and whether you should make alliances of your own to combat the threat.

Practical drama. That is my cup of tea. Sure, I can get into the fantastical storylines of demonic possession, ‘I was raped by a furbolg and now I’m pregnant’, love triangles, etc. If I have to. But if I can spend my RP time working with my guild mates to face a threat, or allying with other RP guilds on the battlefield for a skirmish that lasts a day… well, there is no contest in my mind!

So many people ascribe the term ‘World PvP’ to ‘I am a level 23 hunter being continuously ganked by a ?? death knight.’ Yes, sometimes that does happen. But the spirit of World PvP is much much more than that. I hate battlegrounds. I suck in arenas. But I love some old fashioned war. Even if I’m a horrible PvPer.

So if you are an RP’er who has yet to roll on a RP-PvP realm, you may find yourself just liking it. It’s a little harder to find open RP, yes, but there are several guilds that practice it. It’s likely that you will be ganked and camped, but you’re no sissy! You will probably have to turn off trade chat once or twice, it’s true.

But I’m sure you’ll find it a worthwhile experience. See for yourself!

Always a classic!

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