Thursday, April 2, 2009

Alt-itis & What It Means For Me

What the heck is Wanderlust?

There are a lot of people I've come to know during my WoW time that have one, maybe two, characters that they focus on. They have great gear, lots of connections, history with the other 'big players' on the server, and long standing and far reaching RP storylines.

I am not one of these people. I'm a server gypsy, a nomad traveling the RP and RP-PvP realms. I consider my home server to be Venture Co. US, but I have many other alts strewn all over Blizzard's Warcraft servers. It's gotten so bad that they won't let me make any more...


My "main" (I use this term lightly since I never play one character more than a week or two in a row) is part of a very large and successful RP/PvE guild, so when I joined, I felt obligated to buckle down and focus on one character so that I could participate in raiding. Well. I found it to be kind of boring. I gave up my 70 druid and my 70 warrior at the release of Wrath to level a death knight! Yes!!

I was really proud of myself after buying my own epic flying mount (first character to have one!), running heroics to get enough gear to go to Naxxramas. Gemming/enchanting... I even researched online to optimize my spec and stats. Considering I prefer to wear the armor that looks the best and spec for my RP, that is a big step. And then... I disappeared to play Horde for awhile.

I would really love to raid, I guess I just don't have the attention span for it. So I've decided to embrace my nature and sow my wild oats all across the RP realms.

So, what are you gonna write about?

My goal is to write about my adventures on these many servers. I'd like to highlight guilds and players I find who make the RP experience very memorable, or very horrible. I want to write about WoW topics in general, and whatever other things happen to cross my mind.

Hopefully if this blog is successful, it will make WoW's RP community stronger. Or at least give me a place to write about things which no one reads about. :P

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  1. Ah Server Gypsies! We are indeed alike. I'll keep wandering and telling tales if you do too... and add you to the watched list of course.