Saturday, April 4, 2009

Orc Appreciation

While cruising the forum-verse, I ran across this thread (though I wouldn't recommend reading the whole thing, as it might make your brain explode), asking why it is that women find orcs attractive? I mean, they're slightly deformed, a little hunched over, possess slightly nauseating skin tones, and have a face only a mother could love. I mean cripes, look at those arms! They're like tree trunks! And hands the size of hubcaps! You wouldn't be going anywhere in an embrace like that.... and... those tusks... broad shoulders... Is it getting a little warm in here? No really. M-maybe it's just me?


Anyway. The answer is simple. Orc men are BADASS. You could run over one with a Mack truck and he'd probably get up, push the truck over, and beat up the driver. Orcs have no problem working hard all day... and hard all night :O

Oh dear. I am /blushing.

Other races do have their own merits and charm. Elves are sensitive, Taurens are... substantial. Humans. Hm. Gnomes are fun to run over with your mount. Orcs are the Clint Eastwoods and Hugh Jackmans (as Wolverine) of the WoWverse. Let us take this day to appreciate them for what they are: Coiled springs of muscle barely holding back a bestial nature.

Romance? Passé. Ravishing? Sign me up.


  1. To quote the Orc women
    "You'll do... Lets go!"

  2. This is damn near everything I love about the orc men in a nutshell.