Friday, April 3, 2009

Character Profile: Inadra

Name: Surya'a Inadra Ehur
Server: The Venture Co (US)

Information: This little draenei shaman (who is still only level 18) became my biggest surprise. It's very common for me to have a backstory for most of my characters, no matter their level or how much I play them. When I made Inadra, a whole story unfolded for me, which I then shared with the roleplayer of the WoW community. She is the reason I have any mention on any WoW related website. This is one of my least played characters, but one of my favorites anyway.

Basics: She is a survivor of the genocide that took place on Draenor. She had a family at the time, but now is alone. She has begun to take the initial steps on a path of Shamanism, looking for meaning in a life where she has lost everything she loved. Like she used to do for her children, Inadra's talent derives from the lullabyes she sings to bring the elements back into a state of calm. This unusual ability has earned her a tentative place among the Shamans of the Earthen Ring as she trains.

The Story: Is written in first person narrative. The story in text can be found here. Though I think the story is fine in its own right, please check out the audio version. Stream it or download it.

I was most surprised by the amount of feedback I got from non-RPers. I originally posted it in the WoW General Forums but got cold feet and took it down. Someone had quoted my original post, though, and I was just hoping it would sink to the bottom without too much trolling. Boy was I surprised! It eventually led to a WoW Insider article and a slew of guild websites and blogs picking it up. O_O

I hope to have it edited and finished up to enter into Blizzard's story contest by April 12. So soon... >.<


  1. You're doing the contest too? I'm so stuck on what to write! SO many strong characters so little time. *puts your background down as something to read when stuff is done*

  2. I know! I have so many stories, but considering this one is about the right length and has gotten good response, I think it is safest to go with it. I wanna read your story!

  3. I realize this post is nearly 4 months old, and I apologize for being so late to the party. Anyway, I was playing through old episodes of the Twisted Nether Blogcast and heard about Inadra's tale.

    Being an RPer myself (on WoW's Feathermoon realm), I am extremely interested in listening to the audio. However, the stream seems to have gone out of existence (along with Putfile itself), and the Filefront download link results in a "File is unavailable" error. I've searched the internet to the best of my ability, but I haven't been able to find the audio hosted anywhere else. Is there any chance that you could re-upload it somewhere? I would very much appreciate it. =)