Thursday, May 7, 2009

Advertisement for Hellcat Syndicate

Server: Moon Guard
Character: Lirit, leader of the Hellcat Syndicate

A woman walks through the darkness of Old Town, the greasy windows of the district illuminated behind her. Shouts and laughter ring out from the Pig and Whistle as drunken men stumble into the street. The woman sidesteps into an alley, pulling the brim of her hat low across her eyes. She glances pensively back, the Command Center slumbering darkly and quietly behind her.

She stops at a shop’s door, closed up for the night. A careful look down the alley—she ensures she is not witnessed before gently scratching at the rough-hewn door. Smooth as silk, it turns open on its hinges, allowing just enough space for the woman to pass through. Inside, a man shuts the door again, the dull lantern flame reflecting against his balding skull.

He secures the door while the woman hops up onto the shop’s counter, perching comfortably as she removes her hat. Long cerulean locks tumble down around her shoulders and glowing eyes flash in the dimness of the room. She grins widely.

“Hello Sid, thanks for letting me in tonight,” she says, clasping her hands over one knee.

“Well, you know. Anything I can do to help,” he replies, mockingly obsequious. He slips behind his counter, continuing to inventory his wares during her visit.

“I’ve started advertising, with you bein’ our middleman as we agreed. I trust you’ll be able to get wind of any interest to me or Raven?” the elf says, turning on her hip to idly help him sort the various herbs laid out on the counter.

“Right you are, right as rain as long as you get that stuff to me, Lirit,” he says, scooping several stems into a parchment envelope and labeling it.

“Willow’s got it all ready to go for you, Sidney. You know we’re good on our word,” Lirit sniffs, allowing her annoyance to seep slightly into her words. “But what about your apprentice, Wright?”

He laughs, brushing his palms across his legs. “Bah, don’t worry about him. He’s under control.”

Lirit nods, squeezing a dark leaf, her fingertips stinging pleasantly as its juices are released. “I trust ya. You know where to leave mail for us. Just have ‘em write down their interest and pass it on.”

She collects her hat, tucking her hair underneath it again and exits with a nod, leaving The Five Deadly Venoms behind her as she slips again through the alley. She passes a small notice tacked up in the street—one of several posted in the seedier parts of Stormwind.

If you have problems, we will solve them.
Send inquiries to M.S., 5DV.

That's right. I've started a guild. Heaven help me, I have no idea what I am doing, but so far it seems to be working out alright.

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